1. Telephone consultation:

Loftline.co.uk relies on you, the client, to provide us with all the details and the info we need to know before the architects can start drawing your vision and our team to raise it. The telephone consultation is free, although the less time we keep on the phone, the faster things will get going. Call us at the following number: 02037712309; or simply complete this contact form and we'll reply to you in no time: go to contact page.

2. Design & Quotation:

Call in our top conversion designers to discuss all the details and to turn your ideas into concept plans. The concept sketches will be offered along with a no obligation Fixed Price Quotation, so there's no problems if any complications occur during the meeting, which will take about one hour onsite, and 48h thereafter for concept plans and quotation.

3. Measured Survey:

Upon the acceptance of Loftline.co.uk's Fixed Price Quotation, our architects will meet you up on your property to take accurate measurements of the building for the concept drawings. This will be a 1 to 2 hours elaborate survey.

4. Detailed Working Drawings:

The detailed drawings will take a period of one week the most, so to make sure they will turn out exceptionally well we are always working with the latest version of programs like SketchUp and AutoCad, in order to ensure the best accuracy. Later on, the plans will be thoroughly discussed between you and us as well as the preference changes that might be possible, which can be done as many times as the client wants until he is satisfied and anytime the client can meet with us. Including the paperwork this process can no longer take than 2 weeks (if the client is hardly satisfied with the sketches).

5. The Law:

Most loft conversions can be carried out under permitted development, but if they require planning permission we will take care of it without any charge. This can take up to 5-8 weeks depending on the council who gives out the permits.

6. Building regulations:

We use a Specialist Building Control Agency to inspect and certify if your building works and ensures FULL compliance with building regulations.

7. The Build

Once everything is properly set up and in working order, we can start the real build, which will take approximately 6-8 weeks, because "time is of the essence", of course.

8. Completion:

Your brand new loft room(s) will be ready for decorating, but if you wish us to take care of that as well then allow us one more week or two for the final steps to be completed.

9. Payment terms:

  • A Federation of Master Builders contract will be drawn up;
  • The contract includes a variation sheet to use along the way... if necessary;
  • Pay NO DEPOSIT 4 equal installments, last one on completion;

10. Post loft conversion:

  • We offer you a 10 year guarantee for your loft conversion;
  • The guarantee is transferable if you decide to move;
  • Guarantee includes parts and labor - no call-out charges or hidden extras to it.