Dormer Conversion

A dormer is usually represented by (at least) one window that "pops out" of the roof and it is defined by the rectangular aspect...

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Mansard conversion

A mansard is usually situated to the rear of the property, but this could vary depending on client's preferences. It is defined by the following features:...

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Hip to gable conversion

Hip to gable extensions, are often needed when the existing loft space is limited, making it difficult for an extension of the property to...

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Loftline conversions

Did you get tired of your old, narrow, dusty attic and want to use that space for something special? Now you have the opportunity to make it become a place to live in, day by day, with our loft conversion program that brings you the most innovative and creative project for you and your family. Turn your home into a glimmering piece of inhabitable art within a click away.

Why would you do that? Well simply because through this complete "transformation" your attic will become a highly comfortable room to enjoy together with your friends and family as any other usual room, plus, you can take advantage ofthe benefits of your brand new loft as well: the comfort level will be raised significantly because of the modern and up-to-date construction, the unusual shape will give it an interesting look and more natural light and you can enjoy the high view of the city.



Next Steps...

With these being said, are you ready to make your home a modern place to live? Our experienced loft conversion team is up for the task and will listen to any of your preferences at any time of the day, so contact us at 02037712309, via e-mail or simply visit our contact page.